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Unstoppable Journey Packages

The Online 9 Day Just Do It Today Course with Personal SWOT Analysis.

This is the introductory mini course which begins your journey of Uncovering, Discovering and Discarding objectionable traits which are holding you back from achieving your true potential.

It consists of 9 Daily Tasks which will be delivered through a combination of videos and accompanying instructions (PDF). The information will be provided the evening before the actual day to allow you to have an idea of what is coming the following day. Every morning William J. will send you a short video of encouragement. At the end of each day you will be expected to make relevant notes in your journal for future reference when completing your SWOT analysis.

£69.99 - $99.99 - 349.00 AED


The 9 Day Master Class for Individuals, 1 day Session, Classroom Style.

 This Master Class is the introductory 9 Day Journey offered in a classroom type setting. William J. will take you through the background behind the creation of the Unstoppable Journey program and explain the basic building blocks of the system. He will then introduce you to the 9 Day Just Do It Today program. You will go through the 9 days of the journey and understand how to implement each of them to Uncover, Discover and Discard the items which are holding you back from reaching your full potential and helping you in finding your true passion in life.  


£149.99 - $188.97 - 700.00 AED


The Corporate 9 Day Master Class, 1 Day Session. 10 Participants

This Master Class is similar in its structure to the individual class but it caters for the corporate business type person. William J. takes the 9 Day Just Do It Today journey into a more intimate setting with no more than 10 in the room. He will take the group through the history behind the development of the Unstoppable journey and how he discovered that the program can be adapted to be used for people at different stages of their professional career also.

£1,999.99 - $2,700.00 - 9.999.00 AED


The Full 1 Year Personal Mentorship Program                                              

This is the crème de le crème of the mentorship programs provided by W. J. By embarking upon this life changing journey, you will be mentored personally by him as he takes you on the Main Unstoppable Journey which will lead you far beyond what you have Uncovered and Discovered on the 9 Day Journey.

By committing to this life changing journey, you will receive personal one to one mentoring from William J.

This package includes;

1.    One monthly 4-Hour Personal meeting, this can be in person or via Skype.

2.    Two 1-hour pre-arranged phone calls per month.

3.    A 2-hour evaluation meeting at the 6 month point of your journey.

4.    The full Unstoppable Journey Program literature package

5.    The Unstoppable Journey guide book.

6.    Access to all of William J’s events.

£14.499 - $19.999 - 73,449 AED


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