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About W.J. Peden the Unstoppable Coach  

Early Days​​

W.J. was born in Scotland, but spent his formative years in the United States, then returned to Scotland and finished his formal education. In 1978 he completed an Engineering apprenticeship and has been travelling the planet ever since.


Over a period of about 18 years he has developed and refined a program which enables his clients to attain, control and retain any type of wealth which they may be targeting. 

This program he has named as The Unstoppable Journey

Present Day
Currently the United Arab Emirates is his home and he has been a resident there for the past 14 years. W.J. now resides in Dubai.
Over the past two years he decided that the Unstoppable Journey should be made available to a larger audience. 
The 9 Day Just Do It Today mini journey has been piloted with great success with groups in Dubai.
He has now started delivering the Journey through live events to allow more people to understand the process.
More information regarding future events is available on the web-site

W.J.'s vision for the future is to reach as many people as possible and help them understand how it is possible for them to unlock their full potential in whatever field they choose to follow.

Also to allow them to achieve whatever form of wealth that they are seeking and more importantly how to retain it.

They will then be able to help others, whether it be family members, close friends, work associates or even total strangers in unlocking their true potential too.

The Unstoppable Journey Events

The next event will be on Sunday 10th of February

Its the Free 8 Day Journey Webinar

He is currently having discussions with a major events promotional company in the U.A.E. regarding future dates.

He will be hosting events independently also. Dates for these are still being formalised.

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